Aluminum Composite Panel Consists of thermo plastic compound core sandwiched between two Aluminium sheets with surface Resin Coating in different shades of PVDF/Polyester surface protection coatings.

ACP sheets are manufactured in different configuration of thickness with various Aluminium foil thickness options, as technically required. The PVDF surface protection coating makes it exterior grade whereas polyester coating makes it interior grade. The different two grades are for the purpose of technically diverse usages as required in different site conditions. The construction and material used makes ACP act as thermal insulator and a effective acoustic material. It therefore, is helpful in reduction of air-conditioning heat loads and controls sound transmission.

Aluminium Composite Panel is a technologically advanced product for FASCADE ENGINEERING with unique features like strong construction, shape adaptability (Flexibility), corrosion resistant and simple and fast workability. It, therefore, facilitates execution of modern and creative designs conceived by the Architect especially for the structured elevations of today’s modern land high rise buildings.

The long life span and practically zero maintenance of this material makes it worth the expense and effort employed in installing the same. The material also blends perfectly with other cladding options such as Glazing, stone & painted surfaces etc.

ACP sheets are available in rich and striking shades with different finishes such as plain shades, Brush finish, Mirror finish and Stainless Steel etc. The elegance attained with its application adds an entire new AURA for the discerning, viewer and catapults the status of the building.

ACP in exterior grade finds usage in fascia claddings, round claddings on column, cladding on curved/semi curved surfaces multi planner surfaces, Arch’s/Tangent facades, canopies, Parabolas, Cladding on steel /civil structures of various odd shapes and signage etc. ACP in Interior grade is also a versatile material and as decorative panel is used in partitions, wall claddings, structuring columns, beams and A.C ducts cladding, Furniture cladding and as false ceiling material. The maintenance free feature of product makes if acceptable very enthusiastically by users for interior designing.

ACP is being currently used Internationally and is a DESIGN ATTITUDE for office Complexes, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Petrol Pump stations, Metro Stations and Airport, Multiplexes, Convention Centers, Ceiling for Tunnels, Sport Stadium and Outdoor advertisement material like display platforms, Wall Boards and shop fascias etc.
ALOMAX is available in PVDF/Polyester Coatings with different Thickness/Foil combination and over 32 shades available off the shelf. Besides this any shade can be given out of RAL Shade Card against min. Qty/Lead Time.

Product Properties

Weight 4 mm : 5.48Kg/m2 3mm:8.0 kg/m2 1.5mm:11.47 kg/m2
Flatness Very Flat Uneven Uneven
Heat Insulation Best Poor Poor
Sound Insulation 25db 15db 5db
Echo Response Low Medium High
Weather Proof Good Good Good
Fire Proof Good Good Good
Paint Consistency Best Inconsistent Inconsistent
Paint Microns Even Uneven Uneven
Fabrication Easy Difficult Very Tough
Deliver Quick Slow Slow
Total Cost Economical Medium Cost Expensive
Maintenance Easy Easy Easy
Installation Quick Slow Very Slo

Physical Properties

Density g/cm3 1.52 1.37 1.22 ASTM D792
Weight kg/m2 4.55 5.48 7.34 ASTM D792
Thermal Expansion (-20-600) 10.6/oC 22 24 25 ASTM D696
Thermal Conductivity (appearance) w/m.k 0.15~0.19 ASTM C518
Temperature for Thermal Deformation oC 113 ASTM C648
Acoustic Insulation (100~3200HZ) dB 24 26 27 ASTM E413

Mechanical Properties

Tensil Strength MPa 45.8 48.0 38.2 ASTM D638
Yield Strength MPa 43.4 44.2 30.4 ASTM D638
Extension Rate % 12 14 17 ASTM D638
Transverse Modulus X10MPa 3.2 4.2 2.8 ASTM D638
Impact Resistant (Maximum loading) kg 1320 1670 2120 ASTM D732