Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers

We have been involved in dealing with interior building materials both for residential as well as for commercial projects and also in the manufacturing of Aluminum Composite Materials, especially for the Facade Industry.

Many of our manufactured products also deal with the finest range of the tiles which are specially imported for wooden flooring in office as well as for home furniture.

Over the years we have associated with many reputed brands and we are also in service of the construction world like Construction Magnets with leading architects as well as the top Interior designers.

Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers in New Delhi have surpassed the ASTM Standards of Quality which is definitely and really a matter of pride! The first stage of the manufacturing process especially of the aluminum panel is the raw materials. We select raw materials through rigorous tests and the granules plastic are sent for an Oven Test, where the density and strength of the granules are examined and then accessed.

We also do the checking of Aluminium Coils in Spectrometer before manufacturing the final products so as to confirm its thickness, the coating quality and also the aluminum grade as well for international standards. We carefully match the colors to avoid all the possible chances of color variation which follows.